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The name DARKFULL has quickly established itself as an obvious choice among smartphone users, as it showcases the quality of its FULL HD display – a first for Wiko. With yet more pixels (1920x1080), this phone provides breathtakingly precise images! A Wiko so dark that it provides arrogant resolution.
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Shockingly dark, the DARKNIGHT comes straight from the night. The OGS (One Glass Solution) technology, in addition to improving touchscreen sensitivity, enhances the design of this smartphone by merging the display with its body. The screen goes completely black in standby mode or when switched off. The DARKFULL is also equipped with this technology, but with a Full HD version... ;-)
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In keeping with the Wiko "DARK" range, the DARKMOON takes its inspiration from the finesse of a delicate crescent moon. Its ultra-slim shape (7.9 mm thick), associated with a flawless design in brushed aluminium, makes it a minor miracle in terms of balance and refinement – the DARKMOON is wickedly slim!
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WIKO is going international
On the strength of its experience and success in France, WIKO is now looking to expand its horizons. With a presence in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Algeria, the company aims to become a leading brand in Europe.


Wiko has launched its first octa-core smartphone, the HIGHWAY : eight cores at 2 GHz each, a real challenge ! The design is meteoric, with its aluminium contour, back in hardened glass and slimline shape of only 7,7 mm thickness. Its 5 inch Full HD screen with incomparable resolution is protected by CORNING GORILLA Glass 2 scratch resistant technology. its 16 GB memory provides carefree storage and the super efficiency of its 2 GB provides a finishing touch to the exceptional prowess of the HIGHWAY.

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The Number of the month
3° In 2013, Wiko became a key player being the number 3 on the French smartphone Market !
Wiko is now a reference and an exemple on the mobile phone market in Europe and is rolling out its strategy all over the world to offer to people the best of performance and design

Source : GKF, from january to december 2013, total sales in volume excluding operators.
Press Quotes - THAILANDE / thaï
The WAX integrates the Nvidia Tegra 4i processor, with performances that are twice as good as other processors on the market. This ultra-powerful processor means that latency is literally eliminated, your web pages are displayed instantly and your videos are uploaded in just seconds. Its four cores at 1.7 GHz each ensure fluidity and speed in the execution of all of your tasks.
>> Wax 4G

Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Perché è speciale? Il prezzo è un valore e non deve per forza coincidere con una rinuncia sul piano delle prestazioni. Qui i due elementi convivono: pedigree tecnico all’altezza di ogni uso e listino per molte più tasche di altri e vari modelli della concorrenza. Costerà circa 300 euro e arriverà a ottobre. Inoltre, francamente, 5 pollici ci sembrano la dimensione migliore per godersi uno smartphone e le sue tante braccia multimediali senza scivolare sugli eccessi.

Press Quotes - NEDERLAND / nederlands
“Wiko zit Apple en Samsung op de hielen”

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Press Quotes - KENYA / english
"The OZZY from Wiko does not set a new benchmark in the smartphone market and it has almost no outstanding features. But its lightness, rather successful design and particularly its price make it the best model in the lowest price range at the moment. Verdict: a good quality/price ratio. "
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