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Did you know ?
The app Cam Scanner uses your phone cam as a scan. It can also improve the quality of the picture and convert them into PDF or PNG (free on the Play Store!).
Did you know?
SMStager or how to schedule SMS sending
If you usually forget your Mummy’s birthday… Download the application and just go with the flow!
Did you know?
How to save your phone battery?
Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functions when you don’t use them. You can also lower your display lightening to save a bit more!
Did you know?
Nice & clean
Your phone seems to work slowly these days? Maybe it’s time to clean it up a bit. How so? Just download the Clean Master application and let it do the rest! Clean Master deletes junk files, optimizing device memory. And it just feels like you have a brand new phone!


This smartphone has something unexpected... It's changing in the night! But not only....

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The Number of the month
5 Wiko has just entered the top 5 in Western Europe
(source: Counterpoint Technology market report 2Q-2016)
Press Quotes - SCHWEIZ/ deutsch
Als Erstes fällt bei diesem französischen Smartphone die Rückseite auf. Die Oberfläche der abnehmbaren Rückplatte ist natürlichem Stein nachempfunden und entsprechend rau und grossporig. In der Hand liegt das Smartphone ausgezeichnet. Es wird sicher nie versehentlich aus der Hand rutschen.

Press Quotes - SVIZZERA / italiano
[...] a fronte di caratteristiche particolarmente performanti e innovative il costo imposto dalla casa madre è di 199 CHF, un price point che lo colloca nella fascia media del mercato pur potendo competere – sia per caratteristiche che per design – con modelli di fascia più elevata.

Press Quotes - SUISSE / français
[...] compte tenu des caractéristiques particulièrement performantes et innovantes, le coût imposé par maison mère est de 199 CHF, un niveau de prix qui le place dans la gamme moyenne du marché tout en pouvant rivaliser – aussi bien pour ses caractéristiques que pour son design- avec les modèles de gamme plus élevée.

Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Il Prime è la scelta obbligata per chi cerca prestazioni elevate [...] Uno smartphone gradevole da impugnare anche grazie all’unibody in alluminio.

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