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SMStager or how to schedule SMS sending
If you usually forget your Mummy’s birthday… Download the application and just go with the flow!
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How to save your phone battery?
Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functions when you don’t use them. You can also lower your display lightening to save a bit more!
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Nice & clean
Your phone seems to work slowly these days? Maybe it’s time to clean it up a bit. How so? Just download the Clean Master application and let it do the rest! Clean Master deletes junk files, optimizing device memory. And it just feels like you have a brand new phone!
Did you know?
The name DARKFULL has quickly established itself as an obvious choice among smartphone users, as it showcases the quality of its FULL HD display – a first for Wiko. With yet more pixels (1920x1080), this phone provides breathtakingly precise images! A Wiko so dark that it provides arrogant resolution.


Slimline, lightweight, with the world at your fingertips...
With a profile of just 5.1 mm and weighing 98 grams, the HIGHWAY PURE also offers smooth 4G navigation engineered by a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor and a 4.8-inch HD screen illuminated by AMOLED display technology.
HIGHWAY PURE… Simply elegant performance.

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The Number of the month
5,1 The thinness in mm of the HIGHWAY PURE,
the smartphone 4G slimmer than ever
Press Quotes - ALGERIE / français
WIKO Algérie lance sa campagne publicitaire "IMPOSE TES CODES"
Quelques jours avant sa première participation au salon de l’IFA de Berlin, Wiko Algérie a mis un dispositif média d’envergure pour sa campagne "IMPOSE TES CODES", une campagne haute en couleurs qui met en avant des jeunes modèles algériens mais aussi les derniers nés de la famille Highway, les Pure et Star.

Pour ce faire, de grandes affiches ont été placardées sur les plus grandes villes algériennes, mettant à l'honneur les deux nouveaux terminaux de la marque.

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Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
A Marsiglia vengono definite con attenzione la scheda tecnica e soprattutto i materiali e il design, studiati con cura per venire incontro ai gusti e alle esigenze del pubblico occidentale.

Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Questo brand europeo si è ritagliato uno spazio tutto suo in un mercato dominato da giganti. E continua a farlo coniugando prodotti dal design accattivante e prestazioni di livello.

Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Una scommessa, quella del produttore francese, che punta su una dotazione fotografica di tutto rispetto.

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