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The app Cam Scanner uses your phone cam as a scan. It can also improve the quality of the picture and convert them into PDF or PNG (free on the Play Store!).
Did you know?
SMStager or how to schedule SMS sending
If you usually forget your Mummy’s birthday… Download the application and just go with the flow!
Did you know?
How to save your phone battery?
Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functions when you don’t use them. You can also lower your display lightening to save a bit more!
Did you know?
Nice & clean
Your phone seems to work slowly these days? Maybe it’s time to clean it up a bit. How so? Just download the Clean Master application and let it do the rest! Clean Master deletes junk files, optimizing device memory. And it just feels like you have a brand new phone!

Wiko - WiMATE Smartband

WiMATE is your daily wingman that makes every day extraordinary by redefining healthy living and providing great value in one complete, all-purpose device.

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The Number of the month
5 Wiko has just entered the top 5 in Western Europe
(source: Counterpoint Technology market report 2Q-2016)
Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Fantastiche le gesture che semplificano la vita e l'uso quotidiano che, unito alla buona batteria e alla buona parte telefonica garantiscono un soddisfacente uso quotidiano generico.

Andrea Galeazzi
Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Il tasto anteriore centrale con inserito il lettore di impronte digitali è fantastico! Nell'uso quotidiano le gesture possibili semplificano la vita nell'uso a una mano e non tolgono la possibilità opzionale di continuare ad usare i tasti a display. E, finalmente, l'altoparlante è sotto e non dietro!

Andrea Galeazzi
Press Quotes - WBS FRANCE
"Wiko met aujourd'hui son expertise au service des entreprises grâce à Wiko Business Solutions..."

LIRE LA SUITE - 4 Novembre, 2016
Press Quotes - SCHWEIZ/ deutsch
[...] Zu guter Letzt darf man den Kostenpunkt nicht ausser Acht lassen. Das Wiko Ufeel weist ein absolut interessantes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis auf: trotz der Leistungsfähigkeit und der innovativen Eigenschaften beträgt der vom Hersteller empfohlene Verkaufspreis 199 CHF, was dieses Smartphone in die mittlere Preisklasse einstuft. Dies, obwohl das Wiko Ufeel für seine Merkmale und das Design problemlos mit hochpreisigen Modellen konkurrieren kann.
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