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WiSHAKE Wireless Earphones
WiSHAKE Wireless Headphones
WiSHAKE Wireless Speaker
WiMate Smartband

WiSHAKE Wired Earphones
WiSHAKE Wired Headphones
Universal smartphone car holder
Universal travel charger single USB

Universal travel charger dual USB
Universal in-car charger single USB
Universal in-car charger dual USB
Universal USB to micro-USB cable - 100cm

Universal USB to micro-USB cable - 20cm
Universal USB to Micro-USB Cable - 200cm
Universal powerbank 2000mAh
Universal powerbank 4000mAh


Here at Wiko we can offer you a wide range of accessories to protect your phones.
Because each of our smartphones has its own special features and design, we have created slim protective covers that are more subtle than ever, TPU covers for when you unexpectedly drop your phone, and a folio back cover for optimal protection of your screen and an elegant style!
Our accessories are innovative and in tune with the times ľ just like our phones!
There is nothing better than our official covers to protect your Wiko.