Post-worthy photos

Luminous, crisp images. Optimised in collaboration with camera industry experts, WIM Lite makes on-trend camera technology accessible. Snap and record all the details and vivid colours of the moment on the 13MP rear camera with its top quality sensor and Dual LED flash. Produce an image closer to what your eyes see! Click once. HDR takes 3 pictures simultaneously and selects the best elements of each.

rear camera

Reputed global leader in image quality
for an optimised camera tuning.

Selfie like a star!

Master the light, day or night. Produce natural colours and sharp selfies on the 16MP front shooter due to low light optimisation. Even capture smooth facial features at dusk, in a dark room, or outside at night with Soft light flash.

Creativity goes blur!

Reveal your arty side. Emphasize a subject while blurring the background in real time with Live Portrait blur on the front and rear cameras.

Bye bye shaky videos!

Video stabilisationTime lapse

Optimise real-life situations and unintentional motion while you shoot. Video stabilisation is on board for smooth video recording. Fix a subject and zero in to follow seamlessly with Auto Zoom. Tell a story by speeding things up with Time Lapse video recording.