SIM adapters

02 | 14

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SIM adapters

Our products are constantly evolving, particularly in relation to SIM slots, and the latest Wiko models have been equipped with different SIM slots. These developments regarding SIM formats are important and deserve further explanation.

There are 3 main types of SIM:
- Mini SIM (called "mini" because the standard SIM used to be the size of a credit card)
- Micro SIM
- Nano SIM

Adaptors are available that convert your nano SIM to a micro SIM or a mini SIM, and your micro SIM to a mini SIM. Our new models come with an adapter kit, allowing users to insert any SIM card into their Wiko device.

Particular attention should be paid when inserting the SIM with the adapter as you can damage the contact pins if you try to force it in place!

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