Reparability index

WIKO actively acts in limiting any negative impact of human activities on our environment by combating waste through smarter production.

We commit to communicating in full transparency an index for repairability, measured by our teams, to guide our users in their purchase.

What is the reparability index ?

reparability index scale

At a glance

Introduced by the law against waste1 and for the circular economy since 1 January 2021 in France, the repairability index is enforced for five categories of electronic and home appliance products, including smartphones.

The reparability index is a rating, starting from 1 to 10, mains to inform the consumer about the repairability of his/her purchases in full transparency.

Main objectives

Law applying so far in France

Act for a smarter consumption

  • Better informing consumers
  • Encourage reparability and restrain planned obsolescence
  • Act for a better production
  • Limit waste of resources

How is it calculated ?

5 scoring criteria

  • Documentation availability
    Documentation availability

    Producer makes available, for free and for a number of years, technical documents to repairers and consumers.

  • Ease of disassembly
    Ease of disassembly

    Ease of disassembly of the product, the types of tools necessary for it, and the types of fasteners.

  • Spare parts availability
    Spare parts availability

    Duration of availabiliy and delivery times of spare parts.

  • Spare parts price
    Spare parts price

    Ratio between the price of spare parts and the price of the product.

  • Product specific criteria
    Product specific criteria

    Score established in relation to sub-criteria specific to the product category.

Did you know

Smartphone under repair

Wiko repairs 1 phone in 2

Telephones passing through the hands of our after-sales service are repaired up to 35% for hardware and 12% for software, i.e. a repair rate of 47% !2

Raw materials

70 Kg of preserved raw materials

This is the quantity needed to produce, use and eliminate a smartphone3.

Electronic components

3,7 million of tonnes

This is the amount of CO2 emissions preserved if the lifespan of smartphones and computers in Europe is extended. Or the annual emissions of the city of Nice !4

Wiko' scores

View4, Power U30, Y82 scores

Progressive improvement

Wiko is committed to obtaining good ratings and improving them on its future product ranges.

To list some examples per range:

  • VIEW4 (2020) = 7/10
  • POWER U30 (2021) = 7.3/10
  • Y82 (2021) = 7.5/10

2 According to internal data. Unrepaired telephones are subject to recycling treatment in compliance with French waste standards.
3 Club de la Durabilité 2019 Report
4 Extract from Club de la Durabilité 2020 Report (EEB (2019) Coolproducts don’t cost the earth - full report)