Accessory but essential !

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Accessory but essential !

Stylish and practical, the WIKO accessories are beautiful, trendy and fun and help you make the most of your phone. So much more than just accessories, below are three iconic and indispensable examples:

The DARKSIDE Flip Cover has a technological origami shape with a unique and innovative folding system that can transform it into a stand for your phone. Simple and effective, this cover can be put to all kinds of uses: in the car when using the GPS function, in the kitchen when viewing a video cookbook, with the speaker or dictaphone function at any time, when chatting while doing something else. There are so many combinations that it is impossible to mention them all – just perfect for life and its everyday challenges!
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The HIGHWAY Flip Cover has a window that can be used to display notifications. Now you can check your notifications at a glance. The front cover also folds ingeniously to become a stand. The flip cover has a soft, velvety texture that is a pleasure to touch, again and again, like a second skin with its durable adhesive. Perfect!
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A clever accessory: the Noodle.
Untangle fact from fiction!
You carry your headphones with you everywhere you go, so when you sit down to enjoy a peaceful moment, you rummage deep in your bag or your pockets to find your essential headphones. But then, out comes a tangled mess of wires, a compact ball, and you have to spend at least half an hour unravelling everything ... how frustrating!
Wiko has a solution to the curse of tangled headphones: the new “Noodle” headphones inspired by Italian tagliatelle pasta. Who would have thought of it, headphones with a flat, self-untangling wire! And, what’s more, they conform to the CTIA standard, giving improved sound quality. Operation successful, State of Zen restored!

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