Let’s celebrate World Battery Day

02 | 20

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Let’s celebrate World Battery Day

Ah the humble battery! For your smartphone, speakers, earbuds, wearables, remote controls, cars and hand-held devices, batteries are all around you. They are essential in powering everyday life for the smallest household items to the largest heavy-duty equipment. Can you imagine a world without them?

Today is World Battery Day.

Did you know that the earliest known battery recorded was traced back to 2000 years ago? Called the Baghdad Battery, it was a clay pot containing a metal tube and a metal rod that was used as a sort of battery.

Nowadays, batteries have literally transformed the world and enabled the wireless modern society. To honour the role of batteries in your life, here’re a few ways to celebrate:

  • Check and change old/dead batteries in your household items like remote controls, kids’ toys and smoke detector
  • Take old batteries to your local recycling centre
  • Learn a few things about the history and science behind batteries
  • Check out Wiko’s tips and tricks to make the most out of your smartphone’s battery


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