View4 Collection is here!

02 | 20

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View4 Collection is here!

Because life never sleeps and you are always on the go, you need power to fuel those long hours.

WIKO presents the new View4 Collection that will go the distance! Equipped with ultra-long lasting battery life, the new collection ensures you won’t run dry for up to 3 days, no matter what happens!

Always offering more value, it also features a super immersive Full Screen in 20:9 HD+, a smart triple camera with a 13PM main sensor with AI functionality and a Super Wide Angle lens, along with extra-large memory. It's not over yet! The View4 Collection makes using the most useful Google features even easier with an integrated Google Assistant button to launch Walkie Talkie mode.

Let's get to know View4 and View4 Lite more closely!

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