Brilliant 48MP AI Quad camera

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Brilliant 48MP AI Quad camera

Step up to breath-taking photos with View5 and View5 Plus

Moments are captured and amplified with the 48MP AI quad camera

Into the wild outdoors, at a party or family get-together… your photos share the story of your life. Tell it right by mastering your shots at every occasion! WIKO will turn you into a great photographer with the 48MP AI quad camera built into View5 and View5 Plus. It comes complete with more enhanced options, made accessible to you by WIKO, including AI features, Super Wide Angle, Macro and AI Bokeh.

See the difference

High quality images

Unforgettable, that’s what your photos are! The 48MP AI quad camera has a strong dynamic range, delivering high image quality and sharp, detailed textures. WIKO tested the difference between a 13MP camera phone and the 48MP AI quad camera on View5 and View5 Plus in terms of overall brightness, dynamic range, reduced noise and details preservation. True colours are rendered in the sky, buildings and trees, with details and texture that your naked eye can see.

Light optimised in the dark

Take control of limited natural light, as the main lens and large pixel size improve light sensitivity and reduce noise, all while preserving texture, for sharp and detailed shots in low light. Night shots tell it all, as detail pops even in darker spots. The shades of grey and lights illuminated in buildings really stand out using the 48MP AI quad camera on View5 and View5 Plus, versus a 13MP camera phone. Increased overall brightness was observed with natural texture of trees and lights shining from the street below. You’ll shoot it for yourself, just as you see it!

Awesome extras

Wider, all-inclusive shots

Shoot the whole picture with no effort at all using the Super Wide Angle 120° lens. The ultra-wide lens takes a step back so you don’t have to, capturing more in the frame. Groups, pets, landscapes… anyone or anything can now fit easily in your shot!

The micro world magnified

Get in closer and enlarge little objects to make them look huge with the 5MP Macro lens. The micro world is there to discover with precisely focused details, textures, and patterns worth sharing with friends.

Smarter AI Bokeh

Get creative with your bright photo and make it social media-ready. All you need to do is choose a focal point and the AI intelligently creates a smooth blur around the edges, adding a creative finishing touch.

Ready to get snapping fabulous photos worth sharing? Check out View5 and View5 Plus now!

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