POWER U20: #3 in autonomy battery by DXOMARK

06 | 21

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POWER U20: #3 in autonomy battery by DXOMARK

Those irresistible 70s! Power U20 scored 70 and lasted for 71 hours…

With a DXOMARK global score of 70 *, Power U20 ranks 3rd in battery autonomy within its testing category. DXOMARK engineers performed several objective battery tests both day and night. With moderate usage of around 4 hours per day, Power U20 lasted for 71 hours. Light usage of 2.5 hours daily extended its run time to 104 hours.

Live at night with Power U20 and its ever-enduring 6000mAh battery, boosted by AI Power for improved energy optimisation. A true evening star, it proved to be the best performer in DXOMARK’s database, losing only 1% of power during the night.

Take a look at Power U20!

* Results from measurements carried out by DXOMARK in May 2021, an independent expert company specialising in smartphone testing.

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