WIKO launches its recyclable packaging!

07 | 21

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WIKO launches its recyclable packaging!

More than ever, environmental protection is at the heart of our societies to limit or eliminate the negative impact of activities on the environment and WIKO is committed to this.

From 2021, on the occasion of the launch of the Power U range, offering a very wide autonomy of up to 4 days with a single charge, WIKO presents its new ecological packaging. Efforts have been made in particular in the supply of reusable materials, thus encouraging consumers to contribute to the recycling of their packaging after their purchase.

These packaging are made of almost 100% recycled kraft cardboard, i.e. from 70% waste paper and 30% raw paper. The bag protecting the smartphone is compostable and biodegradable. The number of colors used on our boxes has also been reduced to a maximum of two colors to limit the use of inks and varnishes. Our desire to use soy ink contributes to this "de-inking" of the paper and therefore to facilitate its recycling.

The packaging of our connected objects and accessories has also been redesigned in this sense with the addition of practical installation advice directly on the packaging.

This is a first step for WIKO, which intends to continue to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Bleen is the new Green!

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