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4thousandsteps are the steps will give the dreams of 4 artists.

4thousandsteps are the steps that Wiko and the “La Liga” SD EIBAR team have walked to fulfill the dreams of 4 young artists.

4thousandsteps is the call they were waiting for to join a unique team and create and original performance and boost their careers.

4thousandsteps is the story that moves to the beat of the 4thousandsteps that gives a player in a football game ; the 4thousandsteps who plays a dancer in a performance; the 4thousandsteps that walks a creative to find such a idea that gives so much to say .

Football, dance and mobile technology come together in a performance that is already taking its first steps. 4thousandsteps is an opportunity for Enric, Sonia, Fernando and Edu to see their dreams giving its first steps.


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