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MAKE THE DIFFERENCE with WIKO! And the winners are…

Fun activities, gadgets, travel and food: these are just a few of the ideas submitted to the WIKOmpetition “Make the Difference” to celebrate the launch of the HIGHWAY PURE 4G in Switzerland.

We are very proud and happy about the success of this first attempt, which proves the GameChanger spirit of the Swiss WIKOmmunity.
Let’s take a step back to revive the “Make The Difference” adventure… the Facebook fans of WIKO Switzerland have been invited to imagine how they would spend the 500 francs they would save from buying a WIKO smartphone (in this specific case, a HIGHWAY PURE) instead of a more expensive alternative. The call-to-action focused on… creativity!

“Enough with over-the-top smartphones full of features you will never use! Why not choose a smartphone like HIGHWAY PURE 4G and enjoy life’s little pleasures with the money you’ll save?
Be creative and tell us how you’ll spend 500 francs!”

During the first phase of the competition, our jury – composed of Martin Rechsteiner, Matteo Civaschi, Petra Ventura and Larissa Gämperli – selected the 10 most original and creative ideas, which were all awarded with an HIGHWAY PURE 4G. Then, the Swiss WIKOmmunity on Facebook cast their votes and elected the three winners, who have had their fun ideas brought to life.

Here they are! Walter received 500 rocket-shaped popsicles; Michael would spend his money on a huge bunch of sunflowers to give out to passers-by, while Bettina (and husband Peter) got no less than 800 clown noses!

“Make the Difference” is more than just a competition. Thanks to the creative minds of WIKO and the WIKOmmunity, it has in fact grown into a digital campaign, with the You Tube video getting more than 100.000 views, while the banners reached more than 2 million views on the Google Display Network… not to mention more than 2600 interactions on WIKO Switzerland’s official Facebook page.

Now, onto the next fun activity for all the Swiss wikonautes!

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