Always on the go!

Either on the go or chilling, your WiBUDS Pocket will play for up to 16 hours in a clear and preserved sound your favorite tracks. Pocket-sized earbuds with smart touch to switch songs while picking up a call or asking for Voice Assistant with a simple tap. Easy connection with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth®.

Up to 16H of sound

3 hours in 1 charging case refill

Your handy perfect-fit earbuds will follow you anywhere you go. Autonomy is guaranteed for up to 16 hours to listen to your favorite music. Coming with a discreet charging case allowing 4 fast top ups for 12 extra hours.

up to 16H playtime, charging case

Full accessibility

Focus on a woman's ear and the WiBUDS POCKET

Smart touch control

The smart control touch allows to switch songs while picking up an incoming call or asking for Voice Assistant with a simple tap.


Worries free as Android and iOS devices are compatible.

Touch control. Hands-free calls.

Connected in style

Bluetooth® 5.0

You can easily pair your WiBUDS Pocket with any devices with Bluetooth 5.0.

Perfect fit in ear and pocket

Their ergonomic design and light weight at just 4g each are wholly adjusted to the ear. Bring them into their pocket-sized charging case.

Green packaging

Green packaging

Green packaging of the WiBUDS POCKET

WIKO's engagement in environment

Your WiBUDS Pocket packaging are made from paper or cardboard only, free of any plastic components, glue or varnish. Fully recyclable to protect the environment.