Wiko Buds Immersion

Wiko Buds Immersion

Turn off the noise!

Live in your own bubble and mute the world around you with Wiko Buds Immersion for 20H of pure sound thanks to the noise cancelling duo of ENC and ANC.

Your noise free world

Premium design

Chic and discreet, its sleek design in glossy white has a fresh urban appeal fit for the office, street or gym.

Ergonomic and personalised fit

At only 5g each, these easy to wear buds have an ergonomic design. With 3 sizes of ear tips to choose from, personalise your fit for listening comfort and noise reduction.

Active Noise Controlling

Active Noise Controlling

Reducing noise up to 25dB

Powerful noise cancellation reduces unwanted noise up to 25dB*. Activate Active Noise Controlling (ANC) cancels out low frequency sounds for pure audio immersion. Reduce sounds around you, whether at the airport, metro or train station and concentrate on your work or chat without disruption.

Anc & Reducing upt 25DB

Environment Noise Controlling

Dual microphones on buds

Environment Noise Controlling

Dual mic cancelling noise for calls

Environment Noise Controlling (ENC) with dual microphone noise cancellation enhances voice while discarding noise. ENC Mode is automatically activated when talking.

ENC, Dual mic

Wiko Connect app

image frame Wiko Connect app - screen 1 Wiko Connect app - screen 2 Wiko Connect app - screen 3 Wiko Connect app - screen 4

Mode control made easy

The dedicated app Wiko Connect, available on Android devices, enables you to quickly modify your configurations, set support actions, use the OFF mode and customise gestures according to your preferences.

Wiko Connect App, QR code, Google Play

20H of playtime

 20H playtime with charging box

20H of playtime

Large battery. Quick charge.

Keep up the pace with 20 hours of total playtime* including 5 hours of battery autonomy in one full charge. Get fully loaded in under 2 hours for 15 additional playtime hours, with 3 quick top ups in the compact charging case.

Ultra-portable charging box

The compact charging box is pocket-sized to take with you anywhere, at a mere 46g with the buds inside.

20H playtime, charging box

Practicality at hand

Buds in hand

Practicality at hand

Touch control

Play, pause, switch songs, answer or end calls… all with a simple tap using Touch control. Also choose whether to activate transparency mode with a long press.

Smart gestures

Take charge with Smart gestures using a single, double or triple tap along with touch and hold to customise your actions.

Touch control, Smart gestures

Game mode

Game mode

Game mode

Up to 80ms latency

Ideal for gaming, Game mode is activated from the app, delivering a smooth, lag-free experience with earbud latency as low as 80ms*.

Connected and compatible

 Power U30 with Wiko Buds Immersion

Connected and compatible

Bluetooth 5.0

Go hands free without your smartphone and enjoy a reliable connection with Bluetooth 5.0 for up to 10 metres, even with multi-device interference.

Android & iOS

Enjoy more flexibility, as it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

*Results based on internal tests which may vary according to using conditions.
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