Go free, go wireless!

Whether you have work, play or sport on the agenda, WiSHAKE is prepped for an active lifestyle delivering a stellar sound experience. The modern, on-trend design demonstrated throughout the range is distinctly European and all about on-the-go comfort.

WiSHAKE Wireless Speaker

The WiSHAKE Wireless Speaker has some serious audio credentials for its pocket-sized convenience. A neo-retro design is apparent in its double sided textile cover in dark grey, khaki or white with a copper button. Built to keep the party going anywhere, its 520mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours when fully charged. It delivers head-shaking bass with its 2W single speaker and passive radiator. One button does all, including power, volume, pause, and start. There’s a rubber pad for anti-slip and automatic power-off when not in use for 30 minutes.

Main features

  • 01 - One button does all: Power on/off - Volume up/down - Pause/Start
  • 02 - Passive radiator: Bass enhancement
  • 03 - 2W single speaker: 75dB signal-noise-ratio