Story of battery performers

Spend days living the moment with WIKO’s powered-up devices! WIKO’s collaboration with experts DXOMARK Battery and Smartviser mirror its mission to give users the power to run worry-free, without constantly topping up.

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Running for excellence

We live for Battery autonomy!

Tested and certified amongst the best performers for extra-long autonomy, take a look behind the curtain at Wiko’s expert collaborations with DXOMARK Battery and Smartviser. Let’s Power up!

Wiko's top runners


4 days. 1 charge.

Huge 6000mAh batteries, boosted by AI Power optimisation, make Power U30 and Power U20 proven powerhouses lasting for 4 days. WIKO obtained top scores by DXOMARK and SmartViser.

3.5 days

3.5 days. 1 charge.

The View 5 and View 5 Plus know how to hold a charge guaranteeing 3.5 days of autonomy in a single charge, certified by Smartviser. The boosted 5000mAh batteries manage power smarter with AI Power.

3 days

3 days. 1 charge.

This 1st collaboration with SmartViser on View 4 range produced impressive battery testing results ensuring 3 days of reliable power on the go.

Certified by SmartViser


ViserMark Label

Let’s test out for real! Smartviser tested Wiko’s devices in the way you’d really use your phone every day. ViserMark is the label obtained based on the overall battery score, ranging from 0 to 100, assessing and attributing labels for battery life, power efficiency and charging time.

Wiko’s top rankings

WIKO’s View5, Power U30 and Power U20 occupy the top 3 spots for 2021 in Visermark’s battery performance top 10 ranking*.
Since 2020’s top 100 battery performance ranking, View5, Power U30 and Power U20 held Visermark’s top 3 scores of 68, 63 and 62.

Tested by DXOMARK


Proven #1 in autonomy

With a DXOMARK autonomy score of 98**, Power U30 is a proven powerhouse at great value. A renowned expert in smartphone testing, DxO engineers performed several objective battery tests both indoors and outdoors in real life situations within a week. The results showed impressive performance on the go with the #1 position in their essential smartphones ranking.

Top 2 global ranking **

Just 2 points from first place, Power U30 received an overall battery score of 86 considering autonomy, efficiency and charging. Its highest-ranking stationary performance was described as “massive,” leaving most of its competitors behind with ongoing power over 4 nights.

Let's Power-up

Let's Power-up

Smartphone autonomy to rely on

We create accessible smartphones featuring the latest technologies. Even further, with battery autonomy you can count on, all day long, and longer, we strive to empower you to live life to the fullest.
Enjoy the power and freedom to do what you want, when you want. Let’s POWER-UP!

* Results are certified by SmartViser, an independent expert company specialising in device testing
** Results from measurements carried out by DXOMARK in May 2021, an independent expert company specialising in smartphone testing.