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It’s 9pm. Do you know what your apps are doing? From your location to emails, periodic permission checks help you control your privacy and save battery life. A handy shortcut is to long press on the app icon, like Google Maps or Insta, then select app info and adjust permissions to suit you.
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How many times have you used OMG in texts, tweets or posts? Believe it or not, the first person to use it was not a cool trendsetting teen, but British Navy Admiral Lord John Fisher, in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917. Imagine how amazing his Twitter account would have been!
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“Smartphone Zombie” refers to pedestrians who walk slowly and are sooo focused on their smartphone that they pay no attention to their surroundings. Sounds like you? At least you’ll be a happy member of the living dead with View2 Collection’s 19:9 Full Screen.
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What time do you wake up every day? Well, one of the first mechanical alarm clocks only rang at 4am! Its creator developed it in 1787, to wake him up for work. Unless you have a super early flight, enjoy the 21st century by setting smartphone or wearable alarms any time after 7am!

Wiko - View2 Pro, Full Screen, Top performance

Want more? Like really MOOOOOOOORE SCREEN! View2 Pro presents an innovative widescreen design now made accessible. With even more screen and less border, the device fits comfortably in hand. The unique, custom interface fits the entire screen. The result? Total immersion in your apps, series or browsing. Capture outstanding images in bright and low light. Smoother in motion with FHD Video stabilisation. All supported by powerful performance for rapid multitasking.

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19:9 MORE MOOOOOORE SPACE is yours! View2 Collection features an innovative Full Screen design in 19:9 format for ultra-widescreen immersion.
Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Wiko View 2 Go: caratteristiche premium – come la scocca a specchio, il design a tutto schermo […] o una batteria da ben 4000 mAh – ad un costo davvero economico.
Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Lo smartphone della casa francese offre prestazioni che vanno ben al di là del suo prezzo. View2 Plus, insieme a View2 Go, completa la famiglia View2 Collection […] con un design tutto nuovo.

Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
Tra i migliori dispositivi Hi-Tech c'è Wiko View2 Plus, con una doppia fotocamera posteriore da 12 MP […] batteria da 4000 mAh, Face Unlock ... tutto al prezzo "democratico".

Vanity Fair
Press Quotes - ITALIA / italiano
[View2 Plus]: Uno smartphone dal design innovativo che rende l'esperienza a schermo intero 19:9 più intensa e coinvolgente.
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Today, most of us keep our smartphone within arm’s reach. While 4 billion people own mobile phones, only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush. You must admit, crushing candies on View’s 18:9 widescreen is tons more fun than brushing your teeth!