Send an SMS/MMS

Open "Messages" app Messages App :
- select a recent contact,
- tap on  "Start chat",
- type a name, a phone number or email,
- swipe the screen upward to select one contact or more from the list,
- to join an animated GIF, share your location or a contact, tap on 
(View5, View5 Plus, Power U10, U20, U30),
- to take or join one or several photos/videos tap on 
- add text, if needed,
- tap onto send or onto go to delete.

To send an SMS/MMS to several contacts:
Open "Messages" app Messages App,
- tap on  "Démarrer une discussion",
- tap on 
"Start chat",
- select the contacts,
- tap on "Next" to validate,
- name this group and/or tap on 
- type your message,
- tap onto send or onto go to delete.

NB: "Messages" app Messages App must be up-to-date to benefit from its latest features.
Click here to know how to check/launch apps update from the Play StorePlaystore.

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