Basic functions
Charge the smartphone safely

In order to avoid overheating, it is mandatory to unplug the charger after use.

Safety instructions:
• Never use your smartphone while taking a bath: electrocution hazards.
• The charger is designed for indoor use only.
• Do not expose the product to dust, mould, direc sunlight or excessive humidity or heat.
• Avoid contact with liquids. Do not immerse.
• Do not disassemble the charger.
• Do not use the charger if it is damaged.
• Clean the external surface with a dry soft clean cloth.
• The use of solvents may cause irreversible damage to the charger.
• If applicable, only use the cable provided for the safe use of the charger.
• The power socket must be near the device and must be readily accessible.
• Do not store the charger in a hot or cold environment as the moisture which forms on electrical products when they return to normal temperature may shorten their lifespan.
• Do not drop, knock or shake the charger. Rough handling may break the internal circuits and the small mechanical components.
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