Basic functions
Enable and use Google Assistant (Hey Google)

To open apps and launch actions with voice control (for example: call a contact, set an alarm, search on the Internet, etc.)* :

Manual mode
- press the button "Google Assistant" on the left border of the smartphone or long press on the navigation icon at the bottom of the screen circle Wiko or and spell your search.
Google Assistant

Automatic mode
Open "Settings" app  :
- tap on "Google",
- tap on "Account services",
- tap on "Search, Assistant & Voice",
- tap on "Voice",
- tap on "Voice match",
- enable "Hey Google" and follow the instructions.**

* The smartphone must be connected to the Internet:
- Click here to know how to enable mobile data (data connection),
- Click here how to enable Wifi connection.

"Hey Google" only works when the screen is on (locked or unlocked).

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