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Divide the screen to display and use 2 apps at the same time (splitscreen mode)

This function allows to display and use 2 apps at the same time: for example, watching Youtube while sending a SMS.
Open 2 apps then come back to home page by taping on  :
- tap on  ,
- tap on the icon of the first app to diplay, at the top of the frame,
- tap on "Split screen" ,
- select the second app by taping on the center of the frame, and not on its icon,*
- to modify the windows' sizes, move the separation bar vertically.**
To disable splitscreen mode, swipe the separation bar to the top of the screen.

NB : some apps are not compliant with splitscreen mode. Only 2 apps can be  displayed at the same time.

* If several apps are open, swipe them horizontally to select one.

>>>>> ** separation bar

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