Settings and customization
Set a picture as wallpaper

Long press on a free area of the home screen:
- tap on "Wallpapers",
- to select a photo from your gallery, tap on "My photos" then on "Gallery GoGallery GO Edition and select a folder (Camera, Download, etc.),*
- to select a Wiko wallpaper, tap on the folder "On-device wallpapers" (other themes are available by swiping the screen downward),
- choose a picture,
- tap on "Set wallpaper",
- select a type of display (home screen, lock screen or both).

* How to avoid distortion using a picture as wallpaper ?
As Camera defaut format is 4:3, the picture is stretched to fit with the screen format (16:9).
To get the right wallpaper format, open "Camera" app :
- swipe the screen to the left to "Camera Settings",
- tap on "Picture size" and select (16:9).
NB: The picture has to be shot in portrait mode. Using selfie mode , follow the same instructions.

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