Settings and customization
Enable/disable simple mode

Peace of mind with the Simple Mode. Your essentials apps, favorites contacts or settings can be displayed on a unique screen.

To enable "Simple mode", open "Settings" app :
- tap on "Wiko features" ,
- tap on "Simple mode" ,*
To keep "Simple mode" permanently on, it must be set as default launcher:**
- tap on "Settings" when simple mode is enabled,
- tap on "
Set default launche
- tap on "Home app", if needed,
- select "Simple mode".
To exit "Simple mode", tap on "Settings" :
- tap on "Exit Simple mode" then tap on OK,
- if needed, select "Wiko Launcher" under the section "Use a different app".

* At the first use, a notification asks to choose the default launcher. Please choose "Simple mode".
** The launcher is the interface that manages apps and browsing.

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