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How can your smartphone save your life ?

In case of accident or unability to communicate, a simple feature allows to register your essential information to give to the rescuer.
By this way, the first person on your side can consult your medical file and call a contact of your choice or an emergency number without unlocking your smartphone.

To register your emergency information:
Open "Settings" app ,
- tap on "About phone", at the bottom of the screen,
- tap on "Emergency information" and enter what you think usefull,
- tap on "+ Add information" to enter your medical information,
- tap on "+ Add contact" to indicate which person(s) you want to be alerted.

For the rescuers:

Smartphone on, but locked

- shortly press on/off key to switch on the smartphone's screen,
- swipe the screen as for unlocking it.

Smartphone off
- long press on/off key to start the smartphone.

- do not enter any password, tap on EMERGENCY then on EMERGENCY INFORMATION,
- tap on CONTACTS then select a contact to launch the call.

NB: this article only concerns smartphones powered by Android™ system.

Product(s) concerned by this article:

POWER U30 - VIEW5 - VIEW5 PLUS - Y51 - Y61 - 16+1 GB - Y81 - Y82 -

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