How to clean your smartphone?

03 | 20

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How to clean your smartphone?

We use our smartphones for everything. They’re an extension of our hands. Why not give them a quick daily clean?
To ensure good health and safety, Wiko has some quick tips for how to disinfect your smartphone :

1. Make sure your smartphone is not connected to power. Turn it off for safety.

2. Prepare a solution of water (50%) and alcohol (50%) and fill a spray bottle.

3. Take a soft cloth or a disposable cotton pad and dampen it slightly with the sprayer.

4. Now run it all over the surface of the smartphone. Be careful not to tread too hard on logos or printed parts.

5. Now take a dry cloth to dab and dry.

Done! Who knew cleaning could be so this quick? So easy that it’s a breeze to do it once a day.

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