Tips and tricks
Modify, enable or remove screen unlock mode

Caution: during the following steps, your current personal password will be requested.

Face unlock*

Open "Settings" app :
- tap on "Security & location",
- tap on "Face recognition" in "Device security" section,
- tap on "SETUP", if needed,
- tap on "Add face data" and follow the instructions or on "Remove face data", if needed.

Open "Settings" app :
- tap on "Fingerprint" or on "Security and location" then tap on "Fingerprint" and follow the instructions.
It is possible to save up to 5 fingerprints to launch different actions from a locked screen (examples: call a dedicated contact, open an app, etc.):
- as soon as the fingerprints are saved, tap on "Quick actions",
- select a finger, then apply an action.

Usual method
Open "Settings" app :
- tap on "Security and location",
- tap on "Screen lock", if needed,
- if needed, enter the current password and tap on
to validate,
- select a screen lock mode and customize it, if needed.

* Warning: fingerprint or facial recognition unlock modes may be less secure than a strong pattern or PIN.

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