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Transfer photo, video or music files from the smartphone to an SD card

Open "Files" app Google file app:
Y51, Y61 + Y81 : tap on "Images", "Video" or "Audio",
other devices: tap on "Internal storage" at the bottom of the screen, tap on "Internal storage" at the bottom of the screen,
- audio files: tap on "Music"
- photo or video files: tap on "Camera" in "DCIM" folder,*
- keep your finger on a file for a few seconds,
- tick the files to transfer or select all with a tap on,
- tap on,
- tap on "Copy to..." or "Move to...",
- select SD card's name,
- select a destination folder or Add new folder,
- tap on "Copy here or Move ".

IMPORTANT: Y50, Y51, Y60, Y61 and Y81 smartphones must be rebooted after the insertion and the ejection of a SIM card.

CAUTION: File manager Gestionnaire de fichier or Fichiers or FilesGoogle Filesapps cannot access or transfer files or apps to the SD card formatted as internal storage.

Photos/videos files synchronized with "Photos" app do not appear in this folder.
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