Locate your smartphone and more using Android™ Device Manager

From any device connected to the Internet:
- locate your  smartphone,
- make it ring even if silent mode is on,
- lock it,
- erase data.
These action can only work when the smartphone is turned on.

Necessary prerequisites
1. Have a Google account registred in your smartphone:
- on the phone, open "Settings" app , then tap on "Accounts" or "Users & accounts" : the current email is displayed. If that's not the case, sign in with your credentials,
2. Be connected to the Internet:
- "Settings" app , tap on "Network & Internet" and enable  "Data usage", if needed,* 
3. Enable localization:
- "Settings" app , tap on "Security & location" or "Security",
- tap on "Find my device" and enable,

- Power U30, View4 , View4 lite, View5, View5 Plus, Y51, Y61, Y81, Y82 devices: come back to to "Settings" app , tap on "Location" and enable "Use location",
- tap on "Advanced" then on "Google Location Accuracy" and enable "Improve Location accuracy".
- into "Settings" app
, tap on "Security",
- tap on "Find my device" and enable.

- Y60 device: back to "Security & location", tap on "Location" and enable "Use location",
- tap on "Advanced" then on "Google Location Accuracy" and enable.

- Y50 device: back to "Security & location" then tap on "Location" and enable,
- tap on "Mode" then tap on "High accuracy" and enable.

* To optimize tracking accuracy, enable Wi-fi mode, if possible.

Connection to Android™ Device Manager
From any device, connect to
- log in with the same Google login as on your smartphone, if needed,
- if your phone is turned on and connected to the Internet, you see its location (accuracy = about 20 m).
- if your phone's location is unavailable, you still can make it ring for 5 minutes at full volume by clicking Ring. You can stop the ringing from your phone when you find it.

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